Red Tide II

Tongren Vacation

(Still can't sell that staff)

30th Day of the Sixth Month – 30th Day of the 12th Month

Still intent on making their way to Tongren, the party does its best to wander through the forest toward where they think Tongren is. They encounter an armed and mounted patrol of elves, probably from the six, ominous towers in the distance. The elves are jerks, but they seem to be more “anti-human” than anything else, and since the party is all dwarf and elf, the patrol points them in the direction of Tongren.

Approaching Tongren, the party is accosted by bandits, led by a bold Skandr woman, but the party doesn’t have time for a fight, and after killing a few, they drive hard for town with bandits clinging to their cart.

ElfStudy.jpgUnable to find a buyer for their purloined staff, the adventurers sell off their silk and look into other trade goods while the elf studies her craft, researching new spells and the like for several months.

They also hire on a pair of henchmen, as well as a hunter and a navigator to help them find their way back to Machida.

On the way back, they find that the excavated temple ruin that they had passed months before now seemed to be inhabited. They decide to investigate, lose their new thief to a spiked trap on the stairs, and end up fighting off several waves of goblins. They even kill a worg-rider that looks to be the chief. Unfortunately, while Bromski is up on a ladder, prying the jeweled eyes out of an idol, the party is attacked once more, and the poor dwarf suffers a career-ending injury, dying a day later to internal bleeding.

The party rests up as best they can in the wilderness outside of the temple ruin, though they are attacked at least once by goblins and also by a giant black widow spider which Vladimir insists will taste like weird lobster if they cook it. (They do, and it does.)

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Ludanto Ludanto

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